Growing Western Hostility Towards Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

America wants the Muslim world to accept US dominance and it wants everyone to live according to its will. However, the Muslims are of another narrative.

American Senate in history passed a bill according to which the bereaved families of the people who were killed in the 9/11 attacks, would be able to register cases against Saudi Arabia in the US courts. After the approval of this act, Saudi Arabia would be fined millions of dollars. The bill was named, Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.

According to, summary of the act is as follows:

“This bill amends the federal judicial code to narrow the scope of foreign sovereign immunity by authorizing US courts to hear cases involving claims against a foreign state for injuries, death, or damages that occur inside the United States as a result of a tort, including an act of terrorism, committed anywhere by a foreign state or official. It amends the federal criminal code to permit civil claims against a foreign state or official for injuries, death, or damages from an act of international terrorism. Additionally, the bill authorizes federal courts to exercise personal jurisdiction over and impose liability on a person who commits, or aids, abets, or conspires to commit, an act of international terrorism against a US national.”

9/11 happened 18 years ago, but the reality is still unknown to the world. The 9/11 commission wrote a report of 500 pages but failed to prove anything. The US government also kept on changing its viewpoint. It had no answer to the questions such as; where was the debris of the plane that hit the Pentagon? Hijackers of the planes, which the US pointed out, were later found alive, and the then FBI had no choice but to say that they are unclear about the hijackers. It was said that not even a single piece of the planes had been found, but the passport of a hijacker was found easily. The WTC was destroyed completely but a text written by an attacker was found, neat and clean. In recent days, some bereaved people and insurance companies filed a case against Saudi Arabia in the district court of Manhattan, US. But the case was dismissed by the court due to lack of evidence.

Regardless, the US claimed that the attackers belonged to Saudi Arabia and this became grounds for bombing Afghanistan, claiming that the handlers (Al-Qaida leadership) of the 9/11 attackers were in Afghanistan. Without providing any evidence, America gathered all the enemies of Islam and killed around one million Muslims in Afghanistan. In this so-called war against terrorism, Pakistan also suffered a lot, and thousands of Pakistanis have also been killed, to-date.

Likewise, the US attacked Iraq and killed another one million people. Libya, and then Syria, is a story no different to that of Afghanistan and Iraq. However, Saudi Arabia is their target now. The reality is that the US is creating differences with Saudi Arabia intentionally. If we have an overview of the election campaign in the US, we come to know that their campaign is mostly based on anti-Islam statements. The US is simply trying to pressurize Saudi Arabia because they know that king Salman’s regime has changed the policies of the country entirely.

Saudi Arabia is completely aware of the role of the US in Syria and Yemen. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s government is with Russia and some other countries too, and they are killing scores innocent, unarmed civilians. Numerous civilians have been killed, while many have migrated and are living miserable lives in tents.

As far as the ISIS is concerned, the US is playing a double game. ISIS is free to move everywhere even in the seas, thereby, weakening Saudi Arabia. Mosques and other public places in Saudi Arabia and Turkey are being hit by ISIS, killing hundreds of Muslims, while the US and Europe remain silent.

America wants the Muslim world to accept US dominance and it wants everyone to live according to its will. However, the present government of Saudi Arabia has taken very bold steps; one of which is the establishment of the Islamic Military Alliance of 34 countries. The US considers this alliance a serious threat.

So, with the ‘Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism Act’, the US wants to build pressure on Saudi Arabia to conform to American policies. But since Muslim countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are taking bold steps, the US would not be able to get anything out of this Act, in’sha’Allah.

The Saudi leadership announced a sale of 750 million dollars worth of assets that they have in the US, if this Act is implemented. Likewise, they have sought out a plan for 2030 involving industrial reform and reducing reliance on oil exports. This could bring an industrial revolution in Saudi Arabia, in’sha’Allah. These two decisions provide the initiative for a big change. Other Muslim countries should devise concrete economic policies as well.


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