Hanzala Naveed Jutt attains martyrdom in Kulgam Jammu Kashmir

He was a young man who had left all comforts of his life to fight for the freedom of his people against illegal Indian occupation.

Hanzala Naveed Jutt was no common freedom fighter in Jammu Kashmir. His arrest and dramatic escape from police custody is no less than that of Bollywood’s action thriller. He was a young man who had left all comforts of his life to fight for the freedom of his people against illegal Indian occupation in Jammu Kashmir. He was young yet brave and competent to all odds.

Naveed Jutt

Naveed Jutt was known as a strong young man who had accomplished much in a very short span of time. He was active in South Kashmir and was a constant threat to India’s occupation. He recruited several young ones to fight against India’s illegal occupation in Jammu Kashmir. Hanzala frequently appeared the funeral processions of freedom fighters. The public would gather in massive numbers. The freedom fighters would appear in these funeral processions to give gun salute to their brethren. With one martyr, several more were ready to sacrifice all. Jammu Kashmir would resonate with the slogans of freedom.

Naveed Jutt’s Dramatic Escape

Naveed Jutt was arrested in Kulgam in 2014 from his hideout. He was kept in Srinagar’s Central Jail since 2016. During Naveed’s medical checkup in Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital in Srinagar, his aides had planned for his escape. On January 30, 2018, Naveed was accompanied by two policemen. After killing the policemen, Naveed had fled the scene with a gunshot in his leg.

A Constant Looming Threat

Hanzala Naveed Jutt was a constant threat for India. The Union ministry of home affairs (MHA) and the Jammu and Kashmir state government were both feeling discomforts after his escape.

False Accusations

Hanzala Naveed Jutt posed a great threat to India’s illegal occupation. He was seen as a role-model by the youth. The usual tactic of India is to kill the pro-Kashmir activists and allege the freedom fighters for their own wrong-doings. The same happened in the case of Shujat Bukhari, a renowned journalist who had rejected the India’s illegal occupation. Imposing the wrongdoing of Indian agencies in killing Shujat Bukhari on Naveed Jutt, India wanted to render the indigenous freedom struggle of Kashmir into terrorism.

But India forgot that the public always stood behind the freedom fighters and pro-Kashmir activists no matter how large the Indian propaganda and lies would be. The blatant white lies of India are always exposed to the world.


Naveed Jutt was known for his dramatic escape from Indian hands. He would also escape several cordons by Indian army.  But alas, the encounter in Kulgam was his last. He alongwith his aide fought to his last breath. His index finger reciting the Kalima-e-Tayyaba is enough message for India that their illegal occupation holds no worth and value to the Kashmiris. Several Naveeds will take up arms until India quits Kashmir and gives Kashmiris their due fundamental rights.

The international human rights organizations must take notice of the gross and severe atrocities and human rights violations committed by Indian forces in Jammu Kashmir. The tragic tales of oppression must be put to stop. The rights of Kashmiris must be ensured. The international human rights organizations must play their due role in this regard.

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