Human Right Violation in Kashmir 1990-1995

This paper analysis the human rights violation in Kashmir in the last half decade of the 20th century by the Indian security forces. Kashmir is situated in northernmost part of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. Human rights are violated in Indian held Kashmir including, Mass killings, forced disappearances, torture, extra judicial killings, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech have become an integral part of their day to day life. The Indian central reserve police force, border security personnel and various militant groups have been accused and held accountable for committing severe human rights abuses against Kashmiri civilians. Every human being have the right of life, dignity, self determination, etc.

The Kashmiris are innocent and have no fault of their own, except that they were given birth on that land. Human rights record of the Indian security forces has been equally dreadful  grave violations such as arbitrary arrests, torture, rape and extrajudicial killings have been extensively documented by human rights organization such as Human Rights Watch. Most of these human right violations routinely go unchecked and unfinished. Often the government’s response to the reports by various human rights organizations has been evasive Kashmiris continue to suffer cruelties by the Indian forces.

Source: Barkat Ali

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