'India Demystified' is an initiative by to expose the dark face of India - a Hindutva-thriving terrorist state which has jeopardized the peace and stability of not only the South Asia but the world.

Hindutva State!

Hindutva - An official ideology of India's Hindu nationalists with aggressive assertion of Hinduism and the similar repulsion to other religions and systems including Secularism and Democracy


With Hindutva militant organizations aggressively active throughout India, there is zero tolerance for other religions and ethnic communities including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Dalits among many.

Caste Differences!

With more than 5,000 castes, India suffers greatly. Lower Castes are degraded for the rest of lives and deprived of the luxuries and involvement with other people of high castes. Dalits and Shudras considered untouchable.


India murdered over 100,000 Muslims Kashmir while using and protecting Hindus there. Jammu Kashmir and Valley remains under the claws of illegal Indian occupation with Indian forces committing severe atrocities and war crimes. The UN Resolutions on Kashmir remain unimplemented, thus causing disappointment of Kashmiris in any political solution of Jammu Kashmir's occupation, prompting them to pick up guns against India.

Total Martyred : 95,050
Custodial Killings : 7,111
Unarmed Civilians Arrested: 144,193
Structures Arsoned/Destroyed : 108,822
Women Widowed : 22,879
Children Orphaned : 107,717
Women Gang-raped : 11,077

Separatist Movements

In India today 135 Separatist Movement are present. So called biggest democracy failed to give basic rights to its own citizens.

Unsafe for Women

India is the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman because of the high risk of sexual violence and slave labor.

India Lynchings

India's hate for religious and ethnic minorities fueled with technology brought Whatsapp to kneels to introduce country-specific restrictions.

Terrorist State

The first-ever Human Rights Commission's report on atrocities in Jammu Kashmir by Indian security forces is an eye-opening evidence for world to witness India's heinous war crimes.

Nuclear Danger

India being irresponsible and careless in Nuclear status was well-exposed when a senior official claimed they were ready to call "Nuclear bluff" from Pakistan.

Decentralized Nation

From poor agriculture to dying farmers, from distrust between people and military to apolitical wars in governance, India is a failed decentralized state.

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