India-Israel Terror Nexus: Modi Met his Friend on the Beach

India’s relations with the Zionist fraternity existed since the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Narendra Modi’s hugging diplomacy is all over his foreign agenda. He can be seen hugging international leaders and trying to make India a favorite in other countries’ lists in order to achieve international support for his vile intention to deeply hurt Pakistan. The Recent attempt of Modi to gather international support against Pakistan is from Israel. The Zionist apartheid state of Israel is the true arch-rival of Pakistan. Modi’s lobbying was mirrored when US State Department declared Syed Salahudin as a global terrorist. Indeed, a step that had distressed millions of Kashmiri people, taken as a clear act of denial to the Kashmiri people of their lifelong quest for freedom. India’s secret affair with Israel was an open secret, now no longer denied. The open display of bromance as both criminals walked the sea-shore has a long history behind it.

India’s relations with the Zionist fraternity existed since the creation of the modern state of Israel. When the issue of occupation of Palestine arose, Gandhi said clearly that our sympathies are with the Jews, and on another occasion despite publicly differing with Zionist occupation admitted that the Jews have a strong case for Israel. Whereas, Muhammad Ali Jinnah unequivocally advocated that the rights of Palestinians should be safeguarded and the matter of Palestine must be solved according to the wishes of the Arab people. First, British imperialists agreed to solve it peacefully but after the world war, it fulfilled the wishes of Zionist lobby and on the name of war refugees, hundred thousands of European Jewish settlers flocked Jerusalem. Despite the fear of angering Arab countries, India has always approached Israel to help them whether it was the Indo-Pak Wars of 1965, 1971 or any other skirmishes.

In last two decades, military cooperation between India and Israel has increased even more. It was intensified at the time of Kargil War when they provided India with sophisticated weapons, satellite imagery and much more. Now that cooperation is taken to the highest level and a record arms deal has been signed by both countries. Israeli PM Netanyahu welcomed Narendra Modi with an honor of red carpet – homage for spilling the blood of Kashmiri people by Indian occupying forces in the last 70 years, similar to what the Israeli state has done. Zionist regimes have always shown solidarity to India on the Kashmir issue, so to cement its vile plans in Kashmir, Modi planned to bring in the Israeli expertise on violation of human rights and genocide that is widely practiced by its government, forces and settlers in Palestine. There is no difference between Palestinians and Kashmiris, both respond to occupant forces with stones. Both are leading an intifada against their occupiers, to attain their right to freedom.

Netanyahu expressed his views that what India is facing from the Lashkar-e-Taiba, is similar to what Israel is facing from Hamas. It needs to be mentioned that when both India and Israel practiced widespread violence, rape and killings on the occupied masses of Kashmir and Palestine, in result these struggling resistances emerged. Both indigenous movements lead a Jihad against brutality, oppression, hostile foreign aggression and occupation, perfectly legitimate and compatible to international law and norms as well as the tenets of the Islamic religion. To exchange tactics in the handling of these freedom movements, Israel and India have vowed to help each other.

Israelis are happy from Modi because he has always dumped the suffering of Palestinians at UNO in past 5 years and India has always voted in favor of Israel on any resolution against them. They are transforming into strategic partners. It is not a secret anymore that several Israeli military personnel and experts are already present on Jammu-Kashmir in guise of tourists. They are helping occupying Indian forces to suppress the freedom movement. History has witnessed that a nation which is determined to clinch freedom cannot be kept bonded in chains for an unlimited period of time. New Delhi is pulling the chains of Washington and Telaviv to align in the same direction on the issue of Kashmir.

Unsurprisingly, US has been long towing the Indian narrative of Kashmir freedom struggle as terrorism. The question arises, was the Cuban freedom movement an act of terrorism, or the Irish Republic army for that matter who also fought for the independence of Ireland from British imperialism. Similar cases can keep being made if one goes back to history.

On 29 June 2017, the then Federal Interior Minister Choudhry Nisar Ali Khan in a press briefing highlighted the fact that Capitol Hill is speaking India’s language on Kashmir. This statement, though is a clear dismissal of American sanctions on Syed Salahudin, Pakistan still needs to highlight the issue of Palestine and Kashmir on international forums more forcefully in order to support and strengthen the freedom narrative for both. Palestinian issue has more global outreach especially in the western world, Pakistan and the Muslim world need to increase efforts to take a strong stance for both simultaneously. The double standards adopted by the Western world need to be shunned more openly and at all bilateral and multilateral forums with regards to the issue.

Pakistan needs to improve its diplomatic strategy because China is the only global power that has backed Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. So, Pakistan needs to partner its defense as well as economic ties with other neutral countries like Australia, Canada, and South Africa, in order to gain support of non-traditional allies on the issue of Kashmir.

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