India’s Kashmir Quandary: Running out of Options

Muslims have suffered such kind of brutalities that were unheard of previously, due to the fitnah of these violent Kharijite extremists.

Narendra Modi said, “In all of India’s thousand-year history, the biggest mark on Indian secularism, the deepest cut, if any, which has been inflicted upon us, is in Kashmir.”

According to Indian authorities there are only 200 freedom fighters in Jammu-Kashmir, whereas the army fighting them is not less than 0.7 million. Police are excluded from this number. So, there are at least 4000 armed men for one freedom fighter. This ratio alone is enough to prove India’s failure. The world’s third largest army is unable to handle 200 freedom fighters. The freedom fighters are welcomed as heroes by the Kashmiri public, who pelt stones at the Indian forces during encounters. Hundreds of thousands of people come from all across Kashmir to catch a final glimpse of a martyr, killed for resisting the occupation. All possible strategies have been applied, none worked. “The youth is at boiling point, something which I have not seen before,” said Farooq Abdullah, Ex-CM Occupied Jammu-Kashmir.


The Last Card

The Indian forces, facing humiliation and a loss of morale, from the relentless struggle of the Kashmiris, have now tried to play the Al-Qaeda or ISIS card in an attempt to sabotage the movement on ideological grounds. But this tactic just like all the others is bound for failure, and will not yield anything good for India (in’sha’Allah).

The indigenous freedom movement of Jammu-Kashmir is purely ideological in nature. The oppressed people, being Muslims, consider themselves a part of Pakistan. Same is the case on the other side of the LoC; the people here want to see Jammu-Kashmir as a part of Pakistan on the basis of ‘La ilaha il Allah’. Ideologically, historically, geographically, culturally and politically, Kashmiris see their land as part of Pakistan, suffering unrelenting Indian brutalities since decades for believing that. The martyrdom of Burhan Wani once again sparked those sentiments, as the new intifada put up a united resistance in such a strong and cohesive way that India was forced to look at other options.

India and its allies, who are directly or indirectly, involved in state terrorism in Jammu-Kashmir, have agreed that Kashmir is slipping out of Indian hands. They have realized that the use of the bullet is not the way out and they have to plan for something new and different. The world began to develop a greater sympathy for the Kashmir cause as International media outlets and human rights organizations began to discuss Jammu-Kashmir’s suffering at a greater rate. Jammu-Kashmir is a do and die situation for India, as they see failure in Jammu-Kashmir to be a failure of the idea of India itself, and a victory for the Idea of Pakistan. If the idea of India fails then many minorities in India, of whom are suffering intolerance and hardship in India, would rise up against them just as the Kashmiris have. For India too much is at stake.

As an outcome of this frustration, they plan to use ISIS and Al-Qaeda to hit the roots of the movement, i.e. the ideology. The Kashmiri youth are highly spirited and emotional. They are planning to steer that energy in Jammu-Kashmir to some other direction i.e, a self-destructive extremist ideology. The goal is to direct those stones and bullets away from Indian soldiers and aim them at those who are leading the freedom movement.

Though it seems very strange at first glance, but the Kharijites, described as the worst of the creatures under the sky, are capable of doing anything against Islam and Muslims. The killers of Hazrat Usman (May Allah be pleased with him), the third Caliph and the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) were Kharijites; just to mention an example. It is a known fact that wherever and whenever the Kharijites have emerged, they caused Muslim-bloodshed in the name of Islam. Instead of serving Islam, they have historically served the worst enemies of Islam. The Kharijite movement today hit parts of the Middle East and South Asia, in the form of extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda (AQ), The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam (ISIS), Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jamat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) and many others.

The wave of Kharijite terrorism that hit the Muslim world in the last decade could be observed as the most destructive ideology and fitnah (strife, tribulation) that engulfed them. The battle against them is far from over, as they enjoy the support of several hostile intelligence agencies and states in the world who plan to utilize them as proxies to pursue their vested interests. Their use of propaganda and disinformation techniques to spread the idea of takfeer (excommunication from Islam) among the common masses, so that they end up declaring each other as apostates and begin infighting, is a dangerous tactic that has led to utter destruction and tribulation in many parts of the world.



The Indian plan in Kashmir involves laying a trap for the youth by introducing the ISIS flag (that carries the Islamic testimony of faith on it) instead of the Pakistani flag and introducing attractive slogans like ‘shariat ya shahadat’ (Shariah or martyrdom) replacing the ‘Pakistan ka matlab kia, La ilaha il Allah’ (What is the meaning of Pakistan? It is that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah) or ‘Pakistan sey rishta kia, La ilaha il Allah’ (What is our relation to Pakistan? It is that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah). A clever use of Kharijite propaganda is then used to spread the idea that Pakistan does not represent Islam, the kalmiah or the Muslims and in fact an apostate state. In this way, according to their plot, the population will soon be divided into two, which will then clash with each other. The youth will start thinking: What are we dying for? For a piece of land? No! Shouldn’t we give our lives for Islam/Shariah? So let’s stop saying ‘Jeevy Jeevy Pakistan’ and fight for ‘Shariah’. The contradiction that did not exist before was deliberately implanted among the populace. Introducing ISIS or AQ propaganda meant that soon the people will be declaring takfeer upon each other and become further divided.

It is a known fact that wherever a Kharijite group emerges, it starts killing the practicing Muslims of that territory. And in the case of Jammu-Kashmir, if this vile Indian dream comes true (May ALLAH forbid), Kharijites will target the freedom fighters as well as the innocent public which is resisting the occupational forces with stones. The Kashmiri leadership that spent decades striving for their freedom could become a target itself.


Will it work?

There are some very important correlating factors. Firstly, the people are not only well aware of Indian tactics, but they have witnessed the destruction in the Middle East as well. They will soon realize that the AQ/ISIS flag has reached Srinagar via New Delhi. Secondly, they are oppressed, and are therefore, united. It is not that simple to disintegrate an oppressed nation that is collectively resisting a common enemy. Thirdly, through social media, Kashmiri youth must, already, be aware of the role and character of AQ and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Fourthly, since ISIS has lost ground in Iraq as well as in Syria, their falling graph will not be very attractive for the people of Kashmir. Fifthly, the Kashmiri nation is already linked with the Kalimah. Every child knows well that Pakistan is the land of ‘La ilaha il Allah’ and the freedom they are striving for is for the sake of Islam, and there is no contradiction between the two. The two-nation theory upon which India was partitioned, and the land of Islam i.e., Pakistan came into being, all this is well ingrained into the hearts and minds of the people of Jammu-Kashmir.


Kashmiris! Beware

Things, however, should not be taken lightly. So, before the voice of RAW-financed Kharijites enters the ears of innocent and spirited Kashmiris, they must comprehend deeply who the Kharijites are, what their modus operandi is, what are their common tactics and how they would try to convince them?

Whether they are in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or elsewhere, the arguments and the themes used for convincing the people are common. They talk against Muslim countries and call to topple the governments, beginning by terming them apostates. In the case of Jammu-Kashmir, they will try to confuse the young minds by raising questions about Pakistan, ‘How is Pakistan an Islamic country?’ ‘Islam is not being followed there at all.’ ‘The Pakistani leadership is worse than the disbelievers.’ ‘Islam does not allow nationalism.’ ‘You are worshipping Pakistan by chanting slogans for a country, which is shirk.’ ‘You are laying down lives for a territory, not for Islam.’ ‘So join ISIS or AQ in order to follow the purest form of Islam.’ ‘We must fight and kill the apostates before we fight the idolaters and the disbelievers’.

These words initially may sound appealing, but Islam is not about emotions alone, Islam is what Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) revealed and what His Messenger (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) practiced. So, a true believer must see everything in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. Each argument they use is easily refutable through a comprehensive and in depth reading of the scriptures and texts of Islam. Emotions are productive if and only if they are in accordance with the authentic teachings of Islam, but can be lethal if against the methodology and tradition of the Prophet (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him).  What is dangerous is that people with only a trivial and inadequate knowledge of Islam, but with high emotional zeal for it, could be attracted to these false calls.

It is true that though our governments were supposed to do much more for Kashmir, but it cannot be claimed that Pakistan is not supporting the Kashmir cause. Despite all the external pressures, Pakistan stands firm on the issue of Kashmir. The most recent example was seen when America declared Syed Salahuddin a global terrorist. Syed Salahuddin belongs to Occupied Jammu-Kashmir. It was not a simple case for Pakistan, but it openly and clearly responded and rejected the U.S. designation.

So, our Kashmiri brethren must fight for azadi (liberation) following the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him), and not with emotions alone. There is no shortcut or instant results. The conquest of Makkah took years and years of dedication, commitment, struggle, patience and battle. At the time when the movement began, who thought that the leaders of the Quraysh, such as Ummayah bin Khalf or Utbah ibn Rab’iah or Abu Jahl could be challenged. Victory comes through following exactly the footsteps of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and his companions. Fighting or killing each other over accusations of apostasy, for not getting the desired results instantly would harm any liberation movement in the world, weakening it.

Indian backing of this new trend is being recognized by the leaders of the freedom movement.


What are the Kashmiri leaders saying?

The chief of Hizb ul Mujahideen, Kashmir’s largest armed freedom movement, Syed Salahuddin said:

“Some of our people, playing into the hands of our enemy, are trying to disrupt unity between people and the leadership and are trying to harm (our movement). We want to make it clear to them that they will not gain anything. I, for the last time, appeal to these elements, who are trying to start this new game that they should stay away from this confusing, disuniting and damaging effort. The elements, whom we know, are intentionally or unintentionally playing into the hands of the enemy and trying to create confusion and rift. Freedom loving people are misguided and confusion is created among them. This is like serving the interests of the enemy. Credible reports have been received that the Indian imperialist power is trying its last weapon. They want to spill blood and break mujahideen the way this so-called organisation (IS) spilled blood of Muslims in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Turkey and Afghanistan. Wherever you look, they (IS) have spilled blood of Muslims; they have served the interests of the imperialists. Neither there is need nor space for any international organisation whether it is Daesh, al Qaeda or any other outfit. I appeal the people of my nation, especially the youths that they should remain vigilant of the conspiracies of India and keep their relations intact with organisation fighting against the Indian army. (They should) not become part of any global agenda.”

A mujahid commander in Kashmir, Riyaz Naikoo warned the Kashmiri people not to fall into the trap. He said: “Linking our struggle with Al-Qaeda and ISIS is a strategy to defame our struggle, Pakistani flag is our flag, Teri Jan, Meri Jan, Pakistan, Pakistan!

Mehmood Shah, the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a popular armed Kashmiri resistance movement, talked about the issue and said:

“These acts by undercover Indian agents are nothing but a plot to sabotage the Kashmir’s pure freedom struggle. We warn them to abstain from these activities otherwise we will take strict action against the culprits and will expose them to the people of Kashmir. ISIS is the creation of US-India-Israel, acting as a tool to label freedom struggles as terrorism while shifting sympathies from oppressed to tyrants, providing a cover to their barbarism. These puppet tools, including ISIS, must be terminated. Those behind the waving of ISIS flags must step forward and show themselves before the Kashmiris so that people are aware who Mir Jafar is.”

He said on another occasion that

“It must be understood that the Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) forbids killing of believers and whoever is indulging in such inhumane and un-Islamic acts is being playing in the hands of India. Indian intelligence agencies are sponsoring such operations throughout the valley. I want to let the youth be aware of the fact that ISIS and Al-Qaeda wings are deliberately established in order to bring chaos and uproot the Muslim governments while such evil plots are being planned in conjunction with the support of India, Israel and America. Freedom struggle of Kashmir is in its final stages of victory and glory. The blood of martyrs has proven to be a silver lining in the sky. While India is trying its very best to harm the struggle and it is now time to forge a strong alliance, putting behind any differences. I am proud of the daughters of Kashmir for their role of Khawla bint al-Azwar. I feel proud of the sons of Kashmir for their utter determination and bravery against Indian aggression. I appeal the youth of Kashmir not to raise the flags of ISIS and other pro-Takfeer organizations. Lashkar-e-Taiba has always condemned Takfeer ideology. We would like to inform the masses that the resistance groups, with their mutual understanding and unity, are fighting against Indian forces. On the other hand, groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS are being brought up to label the legitimate freedom struggle as terrorism. Al-Qaeda and ISIS thrive on Takfeer (ruling someone to be a non-believer). All they have done has just greatly affected the Muslims and brought upon them the injustice, brutality and oppression.”

The All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) in Kashmir stated clearly,

“The ongoing freedom struggle is indigenous. Terrorism and the freedom movement are poles apart. The Indian agencies are desperate to malign the movement and under a well thought out plan they were drafting policies to bring a bad name to the freedom struggle of Kashmir”

Different statements from Indian security analysts and officials themselves who despite knowing that a few elements had pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in Kashmir, said that they are not an immediate threat and they will prefer to go after the regular separatists first. A senior JK police officer termed these elements as “not a big problem”. Indian security commentators can be seen congratulating each other for pitting terrorists against terrorists. Considering the fact that Indian intelligence support to terrorist factions in Afghanistan and Baluchistan such as the TTP, JuA or BLA was already uncovered, with indications to their links with ISIS in Afghanistan, it is no surprise that Indian agencies would use the same bloody tactics in Kashmir to suppress and divide the Jammu-Kashmir freedom struggle.

An analysis of Kashmiri social media trends and discourse can verify that a majority of Kashmiris have labelled these pro-AQ or pro-ISIS elements to be traitors to the cause and denouncing them.


Last but not least

It is important to understand that wherever and whichever movement the Kharijites have been part of, the Muslims there were murdered brutally. In Iraq and Syria, thousands of innocent Muslims were butchered by these criminals. They have even plotted attacks inside Makkah and Madinah that were foiled by the Saudi security forces. When they reached Afghan soil, these Kharijites, instead of fighting foreign invaders, started killing all the Muslim groups and their supporters there. If there ever is a legitimate uprising or resistance against hostile foreign aggression, these Kharijite elements would spare no time in spoiling and destroying that movement. Not just Islamic history but the events of the last decade alone are enough to prove that. Muslims have suffered such kind of brutalities that were unheard of previously, due to the fitnah of these violent Kharijite extremists.

Pakistan has countered the Kharijite movement with visible successes. It is our job to educate the people of Jammu-Kashmir, Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world to beware.

This is not Shariah. This is a honey trap of Rajnath Singh. This is India. Beware!

M. Waqas Abdullah

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