India’s State Sponsored Terrorism

India’s dangerous fire-play and countless atrocities will never go unnoticed!


India has always been in an uninterrupted effort to dent Pakistan through sponsoring and backing terrorism and violence inside Pakistan. However, it has faced humiliation every time. Over past 40 years, more than a dozen Indian spies have been arrested. They all confessed operating for sabotage activities in Pakistan. India, through its Research & Analysis Wing RAW, has invested a lot of human and financial capital to deteriorate Pakistan’s security and disrupt its peace. Kulbhushan Jadhav is one of those ‘agents of chaos’ sent by India for fanning terror.

Indian agents nabbed by Pakistan

Pakistan’s secret services nabbed Sarabjit Singh in August 1990. The investigation agencies found evidence of his involvement in bomb blasts in Lahore, Multan, and Faisalabad. After court case was launched against Sarabjit Singh and was sentenced to death. In 2013, Sarabjit Singh was killed in an attack by fellow prisoners in Kot Lakhpath jail.

In 1973, another Indian terrorist Kashmir Singh was arrested in Pakistan. He remained in prison for 35 years and was released in 2008. On reaching India, Kashmir Singh openly confessed his subversive mission in Pakistan.

Another RAW agent Ravindra Kaushik remained in Pakistan for over 25 years. Ravindra was born Rajasthan. He learned Islam and Urdu language before coming to Pakistan. With code name, Nabi Ahmed Shakir, he entered Pakistan and took admission in Karachi University. Ravindra got married and had a child as well. He then was recruited in Pakistan Army as a clerk. Afterwards, he received a commission in Pakistan Army and was gradually promoted up to Major rank. Ravindra Kaushik’s arrest was made possible after another spy’s arrest who was dispatched to Pakistan to maintain contact with Ravindra. In 2001, he died in jail after spending 16 years in prison.

A terrorist with the name of Ram Raj was arrested in 2004 right after entering into Pakistan. Ram Raj was sent to gallows for 6 years and when after being released he reached back India, the Indian authorities refused to recognize him despite he had been working with Indian secret services for more than 18 years.

An Indian operative Sarabjit Singh spent around 30 years in Pakistani jails. He was freed from Kot Lakhpat jail in 2012. But contrary to Kashmir Singh, he didn’t receive any reception in India. Sarabjit, however, confessed after his release that in his absence in India, his family would receive 150 rupees per month as a pension that verifies that he was a RAW agent.

Gurbaksh Ram, another India’s terrorist remained in Pakistan and completed his tasks. With the job done, he was returning to India after two years but was caught by Pakistan’s security agencies on the border. He remained in a Pakistani jail for 18 years and was released in 2006 with other 19 Indian prisoners.

Vinod Sawhney was arrested in 1977 and passed his 11 years in Pakistani detention centers. Over his return back to India in 1988 , he was treated in worst by the Indian government. He then regretted his work as his children were left starving in his absence. Vinod Sawhney then established an organization ‘Jammu Ex Sleuth Association’ for the welfare of former secret agents. According to Vinod, he was working as a taxi driver in India when he met with an official of Indian secret service who promised him a government service and sent him Pakistan. After his return from Pakistan, however, the Indian government flatly refused to own him.

Taking the case to International forums

Pakistan more than once handed over the dossiers to Indian leadership and to the UN consisting the evidence of Indian involvement in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan and FATA. Pakistan’s representative to the UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi and Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Dr Faisal Khan has repeatedly exposed Indian elements’ hand in Pakistan’s internal affairs to disrupt its security and to spread chaos through the backing and financing various extremist and terrorist outfits. Kulbhushan Jadhav and TTP’s former spokesperson Ehsan Ullah Ehsan’s confessional statements are vivid evidence of this assertion.

Indian-sponsored Terrorism

Physical examination of terrorists killed in Swat proved that they were not Muslims. APS attack, Kamra Complex was attacked twice. The AWACS aircraft was damaged. AWACS aircraft is used not against any terrorist organization but only used for surveillance against Indian Air Force. Then in Karachi, the PNS Mehran was attacked by India-backed terrorists. In the attack, P-3C Orion aircraft and a helicopter were destroyed. However, this must be noted that Orion aircraft were deployed to monitor India’s naval movements.

These events and incidents are evident of India’s aggression and evil designs against Pakistan. Also, India recently raised the boggy of surgical strikes to psychologically squeeze Pakistan and also to win goodwill among their own people. People of India love such news and are happened to be less rational and peace loving. They would easily buy such war mongering rhetoric. When failed to pacify its public and also to divert people’s attention from the real social issues faced by Indian common-man, the maximum the Indian army would do is to start unprovoked firing on the LoC or on the Working Boundary, sometimes targeting Pakistan Armed forces personnel while most of the time poor farmers are killed by this shelling.

India always make aggressive steps against Pakistan and even waged wars. But it itself went to the UN and other forums to mediate and demand a ceasefire. India when could not undo the creation of Pakistan through three conventional wars it launched against Pakistan since the very beginning, it accelerated its indirect or the hybrid warfare. The creation of Bangladesh by dismembering Pakistan was the major harm India would inflict upon Pakistan through this indirect covert war. In this tragedy, the part of Pakistan’s then leadership was primary. Its aggression and violation of international commitment have been laid bare by the first ever UN report on the Human Right violations in Kashmir. But despite the report, Modi never hesitates to confess his role in the creation of Bangladesh and now he challenges Pakistan for doing the same for Azad Kashmir and the Gilgit Baltistan region.

Enough is enough!

Recently, during the Common Wealth Conference in London, a good number of Kashmiris and Sikhs protested against Indian atrocities in Kashmir and against the Sikh minority of India. They held the placards with slogans against India’s vicious cycle of violence. They called for freedom of Kashmir and Khalistan. On the day, Indian forces sprayed indiscriminate bullets on Kashmiris in the Shopian district and severely injured 18 who are stilling fighting for their survival in hospitals.

The phenomenon of India’s state terrorism is not new. It actually started right with the partition when India forcefully got control of Hyderabad, Junagadh, and Manavadar. Then with the passage of time, this state sponsorship of terrorism got its further roots in the whole region of South Asia and today many smaller states of the region are the victims of State patronaged machinations of Indian terrorist of RAW. After Modi took the office in 2014, Indian government not only speeded up its support to its secret subversive intelligence agencies but also to their extremist terrorist Hindu organizations RSS and Bajrang Dal. These bodies are already under the umbrella of BJP, Modi’s ruling party. Now the state institutions fully back the Hindutva terror against Muslims of India as well as the region as a whole.


The bias of the state institutions speaks volumes about how the whole country has been hijacked by these ultranationalist elements. The campaign for converting poor Muslims and Christians to Hinduism through campaigns like Ghar Wapsi (Homecoming) is another major component of Hidutva movement which is not possible to be executed without the active support of the Indian authorities. Only in Bihar, over 350 Muslim families have been converted to Hinduism. The RSS has planned to convert 4,000 Christians, 1,000 Muslim families to Hinduism by December this year. Indian authorities immediately need to be rational and sane in their policies and action lest the whole country is burnt in this fire of hatred, discrimination and subjugation. The issue of Kashmir must be resolved in the light of Kashmiris’ aspirations and the UNSC resolutions. Sikhs must also be given their rights and freedom they are aspiring for decades.

M. Waqas Abdullah

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