Interview of a Group of Kashmiri Stone-Pelters

The frustration of Kashmiri youth has reached its climax. The youth are now more than ever frustrated against Indian atrocities and HR violations.

What does sangbaazi mean to the youth of Kashmir?


As per my view, generally if any act is correct according to Quran and Sunnah, I shall support it and if it goes against it, I will cease sangbaaazi (stone-pelting) and stop those doing it. What we are doing here is rising up against the injustice being carried out in Kashmir by India, and we will never stop fighting this battle, until we get justice and freedom from India.


Aren’t you scared after so many killings of youth, and threats by the Indian Army Chief and the government?


I need to deliver this message to everyone in India, the Indian Army Chief or anybody in the world who tries to threaten or scare us, we are prepared to die and spend every ounce of our blood for the freedom of Kashmir, “Tum aik mujahid maro gey, har ghar se mujahid nikle gaa” (You kill one Mujahid, and every household here shall produce Mujahids)


What has made Kashmiri youth so fearless? The kind of rage that we see today is unprecedented.


The brutal killings, human rights violations, physically abuse and violence against our mothers, sisters and daughters by Indian cowards; It is that which makes us even stronger and more motivated to fight them. It is evident to the world what’s happening in Kashmir, everyone is familiar with it, but still remain silent spectators without probing or questioning India for its brutality. “Hum kya chahty?  Azaadi!” (What is it that we demand? Freedom!)


Kashmiris often chant, ‘There is only one solution, gun solution!’ Do you think that youth are being pushed towards this option?


The situation and circumstances in Kashmir makes us think of taking up weapons and joining the freedom-fighter groups every day, to fight against the perpetrators of injustice, violations and crimes against humanity and the killings of youth.


Indian media considers stone-pelters as terrorists too. Does Pakistan pay you for pelting stones?


We want to tell you and make it clear to everyone that if the Indian media feels that Kashmiri stone-pelters are terrorists then they need to accept Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and all those who participated in the Indian freedom movement to be terrorists, similarly.


Recently, Indian soldiers tied a young man on their vehicle, what would you say about this act by the Indian forces?


This incident showed the world, the real image of the Indian occupying forces. Just need to ask the Army Chief that what kind of law allows you to do this? We have never seen this level of inhumanity before that these Indian cowards have now stooped to.


Do youth idealize Burhan and other freedom fighters? Do you want to become one?


Yes, we wholeheartedly support them. They encouraged us to fight against injustice; we all aspire to become Burhan.They fight for freedom and we also are a part of this struggle until our last breath.


What kind of consequences do youth have to face when they are arrested and booked under PSA?


There are so many brutal consequences youths are facing during arrests under the PSA, like some youths whose parents were asked for money, and it is continued torture until they pay.


Indian Army Chief says that stone-pelters cause disruption at encounter sites by chanting slogans and pelting stones, so, action will be taken against the stone-pelters. Why are Kashmiri youth taking such risks?


There is nothing new in his words. As far as the support for our Mujahid brothers is concerned, it is our responsibility to protect them through slogans and pelting, the least we could do to help or protect them from Indian forces. We do not think about the risks. They are our own blood who are sacrificing themselves, why should we then think about risks?


Has use of force deterred you or other Kashmiri sangbaaz? What is your message for our readers and the world?


A 19-year-old teenager was martyred a few days back, after Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers opened fire on a group of stone-pelters, at Srinagar. My message is that the world should realize that this is an everyday story in Kashmir. Kashmiris have rejected India and its occupation since decades, yet the world prefers its business interests with India overlooking its unchecked human rights violations. While India continues to refuse any probe or investigation by neutral groups. The world must realize, what is India trying to hide by all this? Are we being ignored only because we are Muslims?


Can you share with us any incident of how Indian Army abuses Kashmiris and carries out human rights violations?


The most recent example is of Farooq Ahmad Dar tied atop the bonnet of a QRT jeep. He wasn’t even a stone-pelter yet beaten up at an army camp without any reason, except that he saw women being dragged and beaten up. Being one of the very few and rare Kashmiris who casted a vote that day, he was on his way to a funeral before being bound to that jeep serving as a human shield and driven to at least nine villages, his left arm was broken by the soldiers and he says, they beat him and played with him like a football. They tied him up and didn’t even let him drink water.

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