Human Right Violation in Kashmir 1990-1995

This paper analysis the human rights violation in Kashmir in the last half decade of the 20th century by the Indian security forces. Kashmir is situated in northernmost part of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. Human rights are violated in Indian held Kashmir including, Mass killings, forced disappearances, torture, extra judicial killings, rape and sexual abuse to […]

India 2017 Human Rights Report – US State Department

A lack of accountability for misconduct at all levels of government persisted, contributing to widespread impunity.

Minority Rights Violations in India Report

India’s diversity and traditional ethos of tolerance has been marred by hostility and hate along caste and religious lines.


Muslims are increasingly becoming victims of violence in Poland1. Since 2000, the number of cases of religiously and ethnically motivated crime in Poland has risen more than tenfold. In 2015, the prosecution service carried out a record number of 1500 inquiries into this kind of crime. Moreover, in the first six months of 2016, 863 […]

“Muslims are not Terrorists”: Islamic State Coverage, Journalistic Differentiation Between Terrorism and Islam, Fear Reactions, and Attitudes Toward Muslims

Previous research shows that news about Islamist terrorism can seriously affect citizens’ fear reactions and influence non-Muslims’ out-group perceptions of Muslims. We argue that news coverage that explicitly links Islam to terrorism or terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) may trigger fears in non-Muslim individuals. In contrast, news differentiation (i.e., explicitly distinguishing between Muslims and […]

The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism

When a classmate told 19-year-old Heraa Hashmi that “all terrorists are Muslims” she began to compile a dossier of all instances of Muslims condemning terror attacks

India: “Denied”: Failures in accountability for human rights violations

India: “Denied”: Failures in accountability for human rights violations by security force personnel in Jammu and Kashmir

Summary of human rights concerns in Jammu and Kashmir

Torture by the security forces is a daily routine and so brutal that hundreds have died in custody as a result.

First-ever UN human rights report on Jammu Kashmir

There is an urgent need to address past and ongoing human rights violations and abuses and deliver justice for all people in Kashmir.

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