The Reason of Rage against Occupation – Letter by Kashmiri Youth on Burhan

Burhan! You did it boy! You are the face of Freedom Now - Kashmiri youth

The martyrdom of Burhan and the subsequent explosion of rage has surprised the world, everyone seems to be asking “Why are Kashmiris so angry?” What is driving unarmed people to such suicidal rage that they are storming huge military bases with no fear of consequences? Some writers are calling this phenomenon as “bomb-less suicide bombings”, others have accused us of committing “assisted suicide” i.e. we are deliberately getting ourselves killed by their hands. Indian and international “analysts” have been “dissecting and analysing” this phenomenon of suicidal rage, and they say “unemployment and poverty” along with other “youth issues” is causing this suicidal rage of ours.

Whatever these paid propagandists say about this new phenomenon, I want fellow Kashmiris to ask themselves, why are we doing this? How could the death of a young kid induce such mass “suicidal rage” in the whole valley? Why are we doing something which would baffle even the brave Afghans i.e. going to war barehanded and facing bullets with bare chests?

Why are we all dying to die?

Whatever the paid propagandists may say – of “poverty and unemployment” – the truth is this young kid Burhan has shamed the conscience and psyche of Kashmiri society, he has made us all look small and tiny by the way he lived and died.

After decades of humiliation and suffering at the hands of ugly looking vermin like Indian soldiers we all have mountains of pent up rage inside us, we all, no matter what status or position we’ve had in life, have tasted bitter humiliation at the hands of these cockroach looking Indian army soldiers. We have been humiliated, demeaned and disgraced in front of our children, our parents, our friends and even in front of our women folk and in a society like ours where social honour is valued more than wealth and power, the humiliation is felt even more intensely especially if women folk and children are a witness to it.

But were we not bearing it anyways? Focusing instead on my-this-my-that as a motto of the misery called life, something extraordinary happens…

A 15 year old kid, who like all of us, has witnessed the humiliation of his father & mother, brothers & sisters, family & friends, he decides he is not going to live the way we all do… with humiliation and helplessness, instead he chose to live a life, though small, but one without disgrace or dishonour. He chose to “live free and die free”. We knew we were living in a disgrace and humiliation, we were expecting some leader to make us realize that… to awaken our dead conscience from bearing oppression, suffering and humiliation and subjugation. We didn’t expect a 15 year old kid to do that…

The world wants to know what has happened to us, why has Kashmir erupted like a Volcano, why has suicidal rage overtaken us… Well we have been shamed to march to death by a young kid who did what we all Kashmiris fantasize, i.e. avenging the humiliation that we and our loved ones go through every day, but could never do because we were two greedy to “throw away our lives”… lives that we never had in the first place. Deep down we knew we could not live like this, but we did not want a 15 year old kid to tell us that, we were expecting someone among our leaders to rise to the occasion; that one of our kids has taught us how to stand upto oppression and humiliation… how to live and more importantly how to die, has shamed us to such a degree that we are dying to die, that we have now become “bomb-less suicide bombers”.

Whatever the course of history, one thing is for sure from now onwards – Kashmiris have refused to bear oppression and humiliation anymore. Our awakening has been shocking and we shall indeed now shock the world. In’ sha’ Allah…

In conclusion, I would like to thank Burhan, and say what I always wanted to say to him in person;

“You did it boy. You are the face of Freedom now!”

M. Waqas Abdullah

Husband | A proud father to a princess | Technoholic | Computers | Programming | Pak Activist | PsyOps | Founder

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