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Ribat - Maintaining Watch on the Ideological Grounds to defend Islam and Muslim Ummah.

An initiative to align Pakistani youth with the freedom struggle of Kashmir and to defend the ideological grounds of Pakistan through awareness, activism and information

Benefit # 1

Better than world and everything it contains.


Benefit # 2

Better than fasting & performing night-prayer for a month.


Benefit # 3

The person will be saved from tribulations of the grave.


Benefit # 4

Better than thousand days spent elsewhere.


Benefit # 5

Better than Laylatul-Qadr in Makkah & Medina.

Sa’īd Ibn Mansūr

Benefit # 6

The deeds of a person will go on increasing until Day of Resurrection.


Benefit # 7

The person will receive his provision.

Reported from Muslim bin Salman

Benefit # 8

The reward of fighting in the battle for a person on Ribat.


Why we should help oppressed Kashmiris?

How is it that you do not fight in the way of Allah and in support of the helpless – men, women and children -who pray: ‘Our Lord, bring us out of this land whose people are oppressors and appoint for us from Yourself, a protector, and appoint for us from Yourself a helper’?

An-Nisa: 75

O you who believed! what was amiss with you that, when you were asked to march forth on the Way of Allah, you clung to the earth? What! did you prefer the life of this world to the life of the Hereafter? If it is so, you should know that all these goods of this worldly life will prove to be but little in the Hereafter.

Al-Tawbah: 38

What can we do?!

Moral Support

Social Support

Political Support

Diplomatic Support

The demand for the creation of Pakistan was also based on its significance in the sovereignty and integrity of the Muslim world.

We can we do for Kashmir specifically?!


Awareness about the Historic Background of Kashmir Dispute.


Acknowledgment of the fact that Kashmiris deserve our attention, support, empathy, time, courage, talent and skills.


To raise an International echo, strengthen Case of Kashmir’s Freedom.


Mobilizing a Youth Movement, that pressurizes all stakeholders to implement UN resolutions, ultimately granting the right of Self-Determination to Kashmiris.


Defend the Kashmiris’ right to all forms of political or military struggle; as a legitimate form of resistance.


Exposing the Human-Rights Abuses committed by Indian Govt. and Forces.

Training & Education

Educating and Training youth about Social Media, and how it can be used in the Information Warfare, imposed upon us.

Collective Synergy

Collective synergized, and unified activism for Kashmir.

How can I start? shall provide the trainings to activists to win the war of narratives in information space.

Be Proactive

Be Positive

Be Vigilant

Be Green

About us is an endeavor to implement the true teachings of Jinnah, Iqbal and forefathers of Pakistan to achieve eternal peace, stability and sovereignty of Pakistan against all external proxies. The platform aims to exercise the fare use of social media and broadcasting channels in exposing the perpetrators behind terrorism, violence and atrocities. Upholding the values of free media, the platform stays independent welcoming opinions and narratives of all poles abroad.