Where the Gun is Mightier than the Pen

The youth now being the pivotal variable in the Kashmir solution is of grave concern for India and its ill-fated interests and policies.

Retaliation being the Redemption.

The Kashmir 2018 is distinctly different than the history. A new generation, young, educated, wealthy and tech-savvy, leaving all the comforts of life and white-collars, is joining the ranks of freedom fighters. The youth now being the pivotal variable in the Kashmir solution is of grave concern for India and its ill-fated interests and policies.

The Kashmiris, with their backs against the wall, the conditions being grimmer and grimmer, continuous strict curfews, crackdowns and search operations, internet and media blackout, indiscriminate oppression on elders, women and children alike, thousands of disappearances, mass graves, rapes, assaults, intolerance in the name of AFSPA and other black laws,  with the overall levels of violance crossing the red lines, Kashmiri youth continued to gravtitate towards finding the only viable solution to their generations-long slavery, oppression and atrocities; hence rendering guns as being mightier than the pens.

Burhan Muzaffar Wani, the Robin Hood of Kashmir, gave a new tide to the freedom struggle of Kashmir. From PhD and Mphil to Btech and BE, the youth from the major varied backgrounds have joined the indegenous freedom struggle of Kashmir. According to the data compiled by the Indian security agencies, within the only a year of Burhan’s martyrdom, more than 67 recruits joined the ranks of freedom fighters. Of them, 50 are from south Kashmir, Wani’s native region. What’s striking to the Indian agencies is the educational profile of these recruits. Syed Salahuddin, the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen chief, has Masters in Political Science. Thus the problem is more graver for India as more and more of the educated youth of Kashmir are inclined towards the freedom movement.

With the support of the public, which often turns to the encounter sites to help free the holed-up freedom fighters by pelting the Indian forces with stones, shouting anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans, thus obstructing the operations against freedom fighters. Such scenes have now been a regular feature of Kashmir. The Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat confessed to this bitter reality on a TV and warned the public to stay away from encounter sites. The government issued an advisary agains the civilians to stay away from encounter sites.

With more than 70 years in oppression and illegal occupation, the Kashmiri parents are teaching their new generation the slogans of freedom, the waiving of Pakistani flags and the role models of the likes of Burhan Wani and other freedom fighters. The youth are no more afraid of hiding behind the masks. Burhan Wani was one of the first freedom fighters from Kashmir to reveal his face and identity on social media, belittling Indian threats. Indian military institutions themselves are accusing each other of having being failed to control the situation, GoC Kilo Force Major General Jarken Gamlin said that is the government which should be asked why educated youth are joining the militancy in the Valley.[1]

Muzaffer Ahmed Wani, Burhan’s father, explained why his son couldn’t be held back.

Almost everyone here has been beaten up by the Army. You also must have had your share. But everyone didn’t become a militant. It depends on how much one can take. Yeh aap ki ghairat pe depend karta hai (It depends on your self-respect). Someone’s ‘Ghairat’ got challenged time and again, so he decided to answer back. Others decided to stay quiet. My son couldn’t bear to see the atrocities and the humiliation, so he was forced to choose the path which he is on right now.”

Coordinator of the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Civil Society, Ovais Manzoor, said,

“You will find one thing common in all the cases that most of the youth who took to arms were repeatedly harassed by police for taking part in 2008 and 2010 unrest in which more than one million people, mostly youth protested against the killings. They are arrested, harassed, beaten up in front of their families. Even in some cases their family members, sisters and mothers are heckled and offended. To give a collective vent to anger against the unjust administration, they find no better way other than taking up guns”[2]

Yasin Malik, considered as one of the very first Kashmiri boys to fire a bullet against Indian forces, said,

“There is no difference between what it was in 1984, ‘85, ‘86. We are the products of the non-violent democratic movement of ’84, ‘85, ‘86, and ‘87. What happened to us during that movement? We saw Red-16 type of interrogation centres. We faced beating, unhygienic food, contaminated water, and psychological and physical torture. Our parents used to face the worst kind of abuse from police at that time. Those were the reasons for that generation to start an armed struggle,”[3]

PDP’s youth president, Waheed Parra says, “I am admitting that our inability to stop these youth from joining militant groups will take us forty years back.”

Don’t try and look for me. Jehad is the only way forward. It is the only way to deal with the atrocities faced by Kashmiris. – Zakir Rashid Bhat (Civil Engineer)

He became a militant not only because he was oppressed but because he saw so many others being oppressed by the army. He couldn’t take it anymore. – Muzaffar Wani, Burhan’s father

You may imprison him (Burhan) but you cannot imprison his mind. According to me they are fringe elements but we have to fight the idea. – Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

The Kashmiri youth joining the freedom fighters in masses will credit and further legitimize the indegenous freedom struggle of Kashmir. This uprise is an alarming situation for Indian security agencies. Such an uprise was destined for the upsurge of violence by India. It is not the flesh and blood which are of grave concern for India but the idealogy which has prevailed after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the very ideology the youth are taking up arms with.


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